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Questions to ask

  • How to get your emails opened and read?
  • How to avoid the trash box and the spam box for your emails?
  • How to have your emails visually attract your prospects attention?
  • How to educate your prospects to your products using emails?
  • How to create an instant rapport with new prospects using emails?
  • How to trigger revenue driven calls-to-action with your emails?
  • How to trigger revenue driven calls-to-action with your emails?

What You Will Get in 30 Days

Conversion Booster:
When your prospect receives an email, he goes through 3 phases of testing your email before he really reads your email:
- test phase 1:
Your prospect analyses in a fraction of seconds the four following elements: your name, your email, the subject of your email and the general layout of your email which appears in most cases as a preview. Most emails do not pass through this first test and go to the trash box.
- test phase 2:
Your prospect tries to capture in 2-3 seconds what’s is in for him, while visually searching the sentences of a page for clues to meaning.
Few emails pass through this second test.
- test phase 3:
Your prospect reads your email and decides if it is for him or not. This is the final decision where your prospect do what you are asking for or not. Very few emails end by your prospect clicking on the link you want in your email.

We will scan through your upcoming emailing campaign and remodel it in order to maximize the performance of your emailing through the above 3 phases of test:
- its content power
- its eye-catching power
- its sequence
- its calls-to-action
- its open rate
- its reading rate
- its conversion rate
Everything will be improved according to the latest best emailing practices:
- from text and keywords,
- through paragraphs and eye-catching design,
- to trust induction and calls-to-action,
- from anti-spam control
- to your provider deliverability,
- and more.
We will also integrate your email campaign with your existing social media and will optimize it for search engines.
At the end, you will have your next email campaign revisited with the latest and most efficient emailing techniques and tactics.

You will get these in the package
“Sell More with Emailings – Conversion Booster”

One-To-One Conversion:
You will access the latest technology for converting one-to-one emails. This program is especially dedicated to convert your dream clients, those who will make your year profits. We have partnered with Keymail Technologies, a game changer, end your email results will be increased up to 3 times.

Keymail brings you two efficient ways to have your prospect read your emails. First, because a video is worth a thousand words, the texts preceeding and following your video can be very short. Therefore your prospect can get the key message in a few seconds. Second, because your prospect sees there is a video in your email, he is intrigued and wants to satisfy his curiosity. If the video looks serious, he will want to know more.

Trust is the major key success factor for email prospecting. While regular emails are de-facto suspected from being spams, keymails immediately install a relationship full of trust and respect between you and your prospect. As you win your prospect’s trust, even if he is not interested by your product or service now, he may use the keymails social media features to virally spread the word for you. Prospecting using emails will never be the same again. Everything is there to get results.

You will get these in the package
“Sell More with Emailings – One-To-One Conversion”

What We Will Do For You

Our packages are “Turn-Key” services that we will do for you.

You pay for exactly what you need:

    • “Sell More with Emailings – Conversion Booster”
    • “Sell More with Emailings – One-To-One Conversion”


  • “Sell More with Emailings – All included”


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